We have a dedicated team who work amongst the retired within the church and in the community. The work they do includes:

Home visits

Many people who are unable to get to celebrations receive home communion and visits on a regular basis.

Lunch Club

There is a weekly lunch club on a Wednesday where retired people meet for a delicious lunch and a time to talk with others. Please contact the church office for more details of this. Lifts are available.

1st Sunday at 3

1st Sunday at 3pm Join us at 3pm on the first Sunday of each month* for a service followed by a light tea. Lifts are available.
*some exceptions to dates see 1st Sunday at 3


This is a bible study and discussion group that takes place once a month before the Lunch club.

Residential Services

A team from the church take monthly services in four residential homes in the community as well as seasonal services in eight homes.

Disciple Group

There is a disciple group for those of retirement age. They meet twice a month in the daytime, at the church. This is a good opportunity for to meet for bible study and discussion, prayer and mutual support.

For more information on any of these areas please email us or call us on 01494 529668