Praying for High Wycombe

We have committed to join in with 30 other churches who have signed up for a day each month to specifically pray for our town.picture of wycombe

We will be praying for the town on the 20th of each month. You could either come into the Prayer Room or pray wherever and whenever you can.

Please include these areas of specific focus:
1. The Churches of High Wycombe (unity amongst all denominations)
2. The town (including town centre ministries such as Night Shelter, Healing on the Street, Street Angels & Street Pastors etc)
3. Our communities (our outreaches into them)

Other areas you could prayer for:prayerwall

Businesses in the town
Bucks New University
Eden, Chiltern & High Street Shopping Areas
Swan Theatre
Wycombe Hospital
Council Offices
Road & Rail Travel
Sports Centre
Local charities such as the One Can Trust and Wycombe Homeless Connection.